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Help fight premature birth.

Premature birth is the #1 killer of babies. When you March for Babies, you join us to:

  • help moms have healthy pregnancies
  • support families in the NICU
  • fund research to fight premature birth and birth defects

"Our daughter Kaya was born 4 months early, weighing in at 1 pound, 6 ounces. After a grueling 163 days in the NICU filled with infections, emergency surgeries and 4am phone calls telling us our tiny fighter had flat-lined in the night, she finally made it home. If it wasn’t for the unwavering fight from our NICU and March of Dimes family, we may have never experienced the joy we have today — Kaya, our happy, healthy survivor."

— Sara Naser, mom of Kaya, born 4 months early

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