Kaya, premature birth survivor, running in a field
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Treatments developed by March of Dimes saved Kaya's life.

Born 4 months early
Weighed 1 pound 6 ounces
Spent over 5 months in the hospital

When you raise money in March for Babies, you help save babies' lives.


to find the causes of premature birth and ways to prevent it



with a premature baby in newborn intensive care



have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies

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  • Kmart has supported the March of Dimes for 32 years, raising more than $134 million for healthier babies. Help us thank our partner for their amazing efforts by shopping at your local Kmart stores!
  • Test your endurance at the March for Babies event with a community of runners dedicated to fighting premature birth and other life threatening challenges that newborns face. Ready, set, go to runforbabies.org!
  • Team Levine has raised more than $375,000 for March for Babies since 2007. Watch their special video to learn why they are committed to the March of Dimes

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